Ice cream packaging design


I had a chance to work with amazing Helene, chef of Malibu Farm, and created for her some illustrations and ice cream cups. Malibu Farm is an organic restaurant in California US, where are served delicious dishes and beverages from the local farm in Malibu.
Helene asked me to create cute animals for the ice-cream cups to show up the originality of ice-cream ingredients: fresh milk and eggs.

Ice cream packaging design


Ice cream packaging design
Ice cream packaging design


The animals were drawn by me using natural materials and digitalized after. The texture on the images reminds of the craft and natural origins of this space. The color palette is black and white to continue visual identity, which was identified for Malibu Farm early. Then these illustrations were applied to other support like kitchen towels, home candles, teacups. I also created the sticker for the hot sauce in the same illustration style.

Brand design and illustrations
Ice cream packaging design
Ice cream packaging design
Ice cream packaging design

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