I'm so excited to announce that in partnership with Geneva Discovery @genevadiscovery and with the support of Les Sirops de Morand @distilleriemorand - a family syrup factory based in Switzerland, I have created a creative watercolor workshop which I and am offering you! You can find it on Youtube. I will explain to you my technic, in this apricot cake inspired by one of the Morand syrup flavors. I hope you will enjoy and learn something new about watercolor painting.

What you need to draw the watercolor illustration of this apricot cake:

1. Cotton watercolor paper, 300 gram - this is the best option. I adore this type of paper, my favorites are Arche and Le Moulin du Roy from Canson. I understand that you could not have any professional watercolor at home, so in this case use a paper that is dense enough, not the printer paper. Once I bought a simple "Painting paper" in the supermarket and it was sufficient for the practice:)

2. Watercolor - for this cake illustration you should have primary colors like red, blue, and yellow, but it will be great if you will also find some brown, pink and deep violet (or black).

3. Two types of braches - for the larges area and for the small tiny details. If your brush has a sharp tip, you could use just this one.

Also, you will need a palette (or plate) to mix the colors, hard pencil, eraser, paper tissue, and clean water. And that's it!

The whole article on French and explanations step by step you can find on https://gvadiscovery.com/pause-creative-meditative-avec-les-bons-sirops-morand/.