I'm Free — Rebranding of packaging for perfume : 2016


PURPOSE: To propose 3 new references collectors for Laurence Dumont a strong differentiation 
versus the competition, to improve the linear impact of the product, to respond to a strong 
demand of rupture / innovation on the perfume ray and to seduce consumers through design.

FOR WHOM: For girls between the ages of 12 and 25 who are very sensitive to fashion, and are on the 
lookout for new trends. They like to test and collect the novelties.


DESICION: in view that young girls often have the source of inspiration like heroines of the cinema, 
video games, singers etc. - new range presents the faces of girls. In addition - illustrating the face - it is 
a trick to attract the eye. Harmonious colors and contrast also works for this purpose. 

As we were obliged to keep the same size and position of the logo I decided to place the face with hair 
around and as the bottle is round - the image is visible and turning we are going to have the surprise. 

In addition the outline is not straight - it also gives a touch of madness. Use of faces - it is also good idea 
of the collection - one can easily develop several models following fashion and tendencies.