How happened your typical working progress? 

The first online or offline meeting (if you are based in Geneva and around) will be about the discussion about your business, current style, your expectations, and goals. You'll receive a detailed questionnaire that will guide me in the project creation. Then with your support, I'll create our Pinterest wall for pinning the best images for the inspiration and your brand mood board to narrow down your visual brand story. We will assure together that the style of the project goes in one direction with your expectations and after that, I start to design. Most of the time, I create three different options to show you a variation of style, layouts, illustrations, and lettering. Then you pick up your favorite, and I'll apply revisions.

How soon we can start?  

I answer on your first email for two days. Usually, I take up to three projects per month, and my schedule depends on the on-going projects. Most of the time, my clients book out 1 month in advance. To discuss the deadlines more precisely, be free to email me!

How long it takes to finalize the project?  

Project time is always depending on the type of projects, and it discusses and schedule with every client personally. Usually, the logo process takes from start to finish until two weeks, packaging and label design require from one week until one month (depends on the complexity and quantity of items). Urgent services are available at an additional cost.

What about the revisions?

I know how the revisions are essential for you to be completely satisfied with the project, and I totally agreed with you. However, I ask you to be precise about it, because more than three revisions will be charged additionally.

What happens if I'm not satisfied? 

At the beginning of the design process, we have a discussion with you about the project to make sure our styles and visuals are on the same page. I'm not designing for myself. It's always about the creation of the best solution for your business and your customers, so I truly understand your thoughts, but we will be able to collaborate to design your brand together. When you purchase my services, you will pay a 50% non-refundable deposit. So, if something goes completely wrong or you will not feel at the point that you wanted to achieve, you will not be required to pay the remaining balance. Fortunately, it never happened and assured you that I do my best to make sure we are a perfect fit! 

How can I contact you regarding working together? 

I am best contactable via Feel free to email me! Then we could make a virtual call using the application, which is convenient for you.

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